Young Adult Science Fiction with Special Powers!

Brian: The Helmsworth Project: Book Two

Written by Madison Key

Brian,picI did not read the first book in this science fiction, coming of age series, but I caught on after the first few pages. Sixteen year old Brian has managed to escape after his parents are killed and his home blown up. Brian’s sisters Claire and Jenna are under the protection of the FBI, as were his parents. He is being held off the coast of Mexico. It appears that his captors know of his psionic and pyrokinesis powers. While being held, Brian keeps in mental touch with his sister. But he is having difficulty figuring out who is the real enemy and being forced into submission to do their bidding.

Will Brian be able to untangle the web of deceit in time to get back to his sisters and safety? This book of less than fifty pages moves along quickly. Young adult and adult science fiction and genetic engineering fans who enjoy a light, quick fast moving read will probably like this series.

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