Calling all Authors: On August 12,Make a Special Wish Come True!

Hey all, as a mother of a sick child, I know how devastating it is to watch your child suffer. That’s why I am hoping that many of you will be willing to help me with a surprise for a very special young lady. She’s my neighbour and was just given a really grim diagnosis. Her name is Heather and she is dying of cancer and doesn’t have long. Her 23rd birthday is tomorrow, and she loves to read! Since she can no longer walk, all she wants is books, books and more books to read for her final weeks. She is an avid reader! I thought it would be so special if any of you are willing to take a moment tomorrow, on her birthday, to send her an email with a personal message as well as gift her free file of one of your books. She has a Kobo reader so it takes pdf or epub. No files over 5 MB please as it will be too large for her email. I think it would be very special for her to get messages and ebooks from authors all over. It will also mean a lot to her family as they are devastated by the news right now. Let’s lift their spirits with the gift of words! Her mother said she will love getting this surprise, as she doesn’t get many personal emails. I would also appreciate it if you would lift her and her family up before the Father in prayer. They need His love, comfort, mercy and healing right now. Much love and appreciation to all who decide to help. You may send the messages of encouragement to Heather at  Psst. Please pass this on! Share with any other authors who might want to join us!

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  1. Lorry

    Done! I’m not an author but i sent Heather one if my favorited! Such a wonderful idea, Sharon!

  2. I saw this on Twitter. My heart goes out to Heather and her family. As the father of a child with leukemia, I have seen firsthand how devastating cancer can be. I’ve sent her a copy of my novel and some encouragement. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help lift her spirits!

    • Sharon at Quest Teaching

      Oh Brandon,
      My heart goes out to your family too! My own son has Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy so I can identify. Thank you so much for reaching out. You have truly made a difference for her.
      Much love and appreciation,

  3. Thank you for sharing Heather’s story. I just sent her a PDF copy of my debut novel, Along the Way Home.

    Christi Corbett

    • Sharon at Quest Teaching

      Thanks so much to those who have supported Heather and her family so far. Your love and support is carrying them. Though her birthday has passed, feel free to pass this on to any other authors you feel may be interested in supporting her.
      Much love and appreciation,

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