CharityScope – World Wildlife Fund Canada

The World Wildlife Fund has been fighting to preserve and protect the earth and its wildlife for many years. It is a foundation that recognizes the need to build a future where humans and nature can coexist in harmony, doing so by conserving biological diversity, promoting the use of sustainable energy, and encouraging less pollution. The WWF is a global organization but has focused missions in different countries according to the demands of different climates, environments and wildlife. WWF Canada has many ways you can get involved in making the world a cleaner environment right where you are! If you visit, there is plenty of information about how nature is balanced through ecosystems, what damage pollution and waste can do to the earth, and how anyone can help. It can be as simple as deciding to recycle more, riding a bicycle instead of driving, or picking up litter you see outside. On you can even “adopt” a wild animal by purchasing a stuffed animal of that species! The profit will go towards conservation efforts. Small things such as these may not seem like much, but if we all pitch in, the world could look a little greener and countless wildlife could be saved.

~Tristan Skrettingwwf kermode bear whale

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