Hello there! We are so glad you could join us for this Enviro-Quest. This Quest is about all the WASTE IN OUR WORLD!

What is Waste?

If you look up waste in a dictionary you’ll find that waste is defined as any material or product that is no longer required, useful or needed. In other words, waste is anything that has no purpose and is no longer wanted or needed.
In this QUEST, we will in-QUEST-igate all the different kinds of wastes in our world. We’ll learn how living things are made of materials that can be recycled in the environment, naturally. We’ll also learn about how us humans produce other kinds of waste and how those kinds of waste can be disposed of in environmentally friendly ways. Waste is all around us and in many forms. We’ll learn which forms of waste break down in nature easily, and which ones literally take close to “forever” to break down. We’ll find out which forms of waste are reusable, recyclable and which wastes are very dangerous. As we learn about waste together, we’ll find out how we can all work together to help our planet deal with all the waste in our world. Together we can make a difference so let’s IN-QUEST-IGATE WASTE IN OUR WORLD!

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