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00941 VES260 Sharon Skretting001Sharon Skretting is the author of The Ultimate Treasure Quest I: The Jewel of Peru, and the founder of this blog-site. She has been teaching elementary school for eighteen years and is now spreading her wings into the realm of professional writing. Being able to  use her love of writing to excite her students about learning is a dream come true for  Sharon.  Her goal is to write fast paced, excellent literature  filled with interesting characters, danger and intricate plots that will hook readers  grade 4 and above and make them want to learn more!

Her first novel, The Jewel of Peru, weaves curriculum  concepts into the plot to provide a jumping off point for teachers to create lessons. When she set out to write this novel, she wanted it to be first and foremost, just a great piece of literature, To her  delight, readers of all ages (seniors to young adults) are now expressing their enjoyment of the novel.  If you have read the novel, she welcomes your honest reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

The novel is now available :  in  ebook  and paperback versions on  Amazon or at CreateSpace.


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  1. Deborah Hollingsworth

    Dear Sharon,
    Pam Spencer mentioned that you might teach workshops online re. book publishing.
    I am just wondering if you do – as I did not see anything on this webpage.

    Thanking you,
    Deb Hollingsworth

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