The Ultimate Treasure I: The Jewel of Peru Free Trial Chapters


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Readers’ imaginations will be awakened as they join young Christopher Faramund on a journey to find his parents and the Ultimate Treasure! Having received the news that his parents were lost at sea, and finding a magic treasure chest that seems to be guiding him, Christopher decides to set sail, looking for his family and the treasure. Along with his guardian and a group of young stowaways looking for a better quality of life, Christopher gets caught up in pirate chases, time travel, and an amazing mission to save the earth’s most precious treasures!

While on this fast-paced, action packed journey, junior readers will be introduced to many science and global citizenship concepts. Animals, rainforests, rocks and minerals, sound, structures, communities and environmental stewardship are just a few of the themes intricately woven throughout the suspenseful plot. The story ties these themes all together to get readers excited about learning while it inspires them to use their gifts and talents to be responsible citizens and environmental stewards for our beautiful planet. My students loved every moment of learning these concepts through this exciting quest. At the end of every chapter they were begging for more!

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Chapters  1- 10:

Join young Captain Faramund and the Stowaways on a Journey to save the Earth's treasures!


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