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logo400Make your classroom come alive and enter the exciting world of teaching through a Quest novel! Quest Teaching is all about bringing together the art of teaching with literature to help students make curriculum connections while they are caught up in the story.  At Quest Teaching, I want to connect teachers with authors to provide curriculum related teaching materials that focus on literacy,  inclusion, differentiation, and the integration of technology in the classroom. I hope you find everything helpful as you seek to help your students find the Ultimate Treasure of learning!Sharon Skretting




Introducing  our first Quest Novel

The Ultimate Treasure Quest I: The Jewel of Peru

Your students’ imaginations will be awakened as they join young Christopher Faramund as he embarks on a journey to find his parents and the Ultimate Treasure!  Having received the news that his parents were lost at sea, and finding a magic treasure chest that seems to be guiding him, Christopher decides to set sail, looking for his family and the treasure.  Along with his guardian, Solvieg, and a group of young stowaways looking for a better quality of life, Christopher gets caught up in pirate chases, time travel, and an amazing mission.

Join Christopher and his crew as their journey brings them to present day Peru and they are summoned into a race to find the Jewel of Peru and save the ecological treasures of  the world!  While on the journey, your students will be introduced to many science and social studies curriculum concepts.  Each one is embedded in the story and serves as a jumping off point for lessons.  The story ties them all together and gets the students excited about learning these concepts through the quest!


Each chapter of the novel will be supported by available unit plans, outcome checklists, lessons for each subject area, digital black line masters that include assessments built into each assignment and activities for inclusion, making the learning accessible for all students! Each lesson will have the characters of the novel introducing the assignment, connecting student learning to the Quest.  As well, Quest Teaching will provide the opportunity for your class to get involved with a wealth of technology projects for the classroom that will make your students’ learning current to the issues of today! All this will just be a click away, at this central Quest Teaching website, making it easy for teacher to instantly have any or all teaching resources that they want to support the novel.


The novel  and other resources will be available soon, in digital (pdf) format, in both and interactive and non-interactive formats.  The interactive version will contain several links, in each chapter, to virtual sites in the story, videos, etc. that will enhance the story and help young students realize the relevance of these concepts to today’s world.


Be patient and check back often! These exciting resources  are coming this summer.  Incite learning in your classroom by making your classroom a Quest Classroom.  It’s a “novel” approach to 21st century learning!  Join us for the Ultimate Treasure Quest!


Send us an email at for more information. We will get back to you shortly.