Great Apps that Allow Students to “Tell the Story” with Multi-Media

Lights. Camera. Action!  Getting your students involved in projects that bring literature to life in the classroom is a challenging and rewarding endeavour. Daunting, I know, but have no fear; technology can come to your rescue! Whether in the classroom or homeschooling, here are some highlights of  apps that  can help you set up  multimedia projects that will really engage their students while producing videos that will be fun to share with their parents and peers.  Now let’s get storytelling !

  • Smoovie is a stop animation app that has all the basics covered. This cool app allows students to use ipads to take photos, move, edit, and delete frames easily. With just a few simple commands, they can then play the frames back at different speeds, add titles and music.  The friendly controls allow the users to switch between the camera, editing and playback modes with ease.  My students worked in small groups to create this video summary of the first chapters of The Ultimate Treasure Quest 1: The Jewel of Peru.  They loved it and learned so much as they had to read, summarize, create a script, act out the scene and read fluently to add voice over and cooperate to produce scenes, puppets, movement and camera shots. A story telling project with plenty of learning embedded!
  • If you’re looking for a project that can incorporate both student shot video footage and  photos and quickly turn them into something to share, then try  Animoto or Magisto.  Both ipad apps allow students to shoot video using the ipad, then  quickly add  format effects, text and music.  The videos can then be shared via Facebook or email.  These apps would be ideal for quick chapter reviews, mock newscasts, current affairs reports ,students demonstrations, or coverage of school events.  What fun for students to be able  to tell their “story” with  all the bells and whistles pre- built in.  These apps create a quick professional looking project with minimal input time.  Just what we are looking for in the classroom!
  • Finally, if your wanting to give your students more experience with actual video editing the imovie,  pinnacle or  free VideoPad looks to incorporate many video editing tools that might make it something to explore, though I’ve note used it myself and it seems to need a lot of memory to access the media from the ipad gallery.  If anyone has experience with it, I would love to hear your feedback.  Have fun creating new projects and keep encouraging our students to tell stories in new and interesting ways!

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