Calling all Classes! Join the Smiley for Kylie Cancer Research Challenge

Teachers, students, parents and authors,

kyliePart of our job as teachers is to educate our students to be caring global citizens! Today, I want to put a challenge out there to all schools/classrooms to  care enough to join my class in the Smiley for Kylie campaign and support cancer research at the same time!

First let me introduce you to some special people. The first is Kylie.  Kylie a twelve year old girl who has always been known for her warm heart and beautiful smile. On April 9 of this year, Kylie was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma and now is involved in the fight of her life, for her life. Though she faces quite a challenge, she has vowed that this fight will be fought with a smile on her face! Learn more about how she is doing this at . Meet Kylie and hear how she explains how she needs smiles to get her through the tough days here:
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SONY DSCThe second special person I’d like you to meet is Kylie’s dad, Mark Myers. Before Kylie’s diagnosis I asked Mark to be one of the authors featured on this Quest Teaching website. He agreed and I must say that in every interaction I’ve had with him, his spirit of generosity and kindness shine through.  It comes through in his writing, too. His book, Virgil Creech Takes a Swipe at Redemption  is a wonderful look at small town community life and relationships.  I highly recommend it along with his many other titles.  You can get to know more about Mark here:

Having known Mark for awhile before Kylie’s diagnosis made my heart just ache for him.  I know how difficult it is when your child suffers. My own son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy so I can relate. From one parent to another, I wanted to find a way to support Mark, his family and Kylie!

That’s where your class comes in! From one teacher to another,  I think we can take Kylie’s challenge a step further and have a worthy service project to teach our students the value of giving.  We can give her smiles, of course but  we can also really make a difference for Kylie and other children who are diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma by supporting the research and/or their family with dollars. We need you to join the challenge, engage in this very worthwhile service project and give Kylie a smile to help cheer her up as she fights the cancer. How? There are three parts to this challenge:

1) Think of a creative way to raise funds for either the Ewing’s Sarcoma research or the Kylie’s family to help them through the financial hardships of medical treatment.  Maybe your class could organize a carwash or a smile-a-thon(get pledges for every minute you can smile without letting your face move!), or a bake sale,  a talent show, etc. . Anything would work! I’m sure that your class will be able to brainstorm great ideas.

2) Do the work.  Put on your event and collect the cash for cancer research or Kylie’s family . Your  donation can be made at these sites:

The Rally Foundation: – be sure to fill in that your donation is in honour of Kylie Myers.

1Million 4 Anna

Smiley for Kylie (Support the Family) :

3)  Take a picture at the event or of your class with a sign telling about the event you held and the amount you raised. Make sure your class is in the picture and everyone SMILES!  Then post your picture on the following sites:

Twitter:  or  Kylie’s facebook page:

Kylie has received smiles from all over the world. Now let’s spread the word and get schools everywhere sending her more smiles along with their donations and support.  As Kylie heads back to school, and we do, too.  Let her and her family know that classes every where are thinking about her.

If you are joining us in this cause, I would love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment so my class can connect with yours! Also please retweet  or share this article on your FB page to help get as much help for Kylie and her family as we can. Together we can make a difference!


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