How to Use the Quest Teaching Site

Welcome to Quest Teaching!

This is a website built by a teacher, for teachers. In fact, in my class, I teach from the site every day! It is my hope that it will be as helpful to you as it is for me, so I wanted to just highlight how the site works and how to find a whole treasure store of valuable teacher tips, book reviews, and educational resources to inspire learning. Let’s get started.

Main page:  The main page of Quest Teaching includes a collection  all the blog posts, in every subject area.  Every time there is a new blog post it will be posted on the main page and on the related subject page for easy access.

The sidebar of the main page includes many teacher tools, blog sites, curriculum links, and educational resources. I hope teachers will find these connections useful in their lesson planning and classroom management. It is my goal to put all these useful tools in one place because I know that teachers don’t have time to be constantly searching.  That’s why I have done the “quest” for them and included any sites, blogs and tools that I find useful or have been recommended by other teachers.  I will keep updating the sidebar as I find new great teacher tools and blog-sites worth following.

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Coins: Each coin represents a subject area. By clicking on the coin, the teacher will be taken to a page which highlights all the published blog posts related to that subject.  As well, the side blog roll on that page will include websites and tools related to topics in each subject area.

Quest Projects: Woven throughout the Ultimate Treasure Quest are the themes of community and service. This page  is the place that your class can become aware of many worthy service projects in which  they can get involved.  Each project will be highlighted by guests who have a heart for serving others. Every organization is just a click away, found on the sidebar under the type of non-profit organization or cause that it represents.  Talk about real-life learning applications!

Quest Teachers:  This will  be the place to share with other teachers who are using the novels or the  many other resources found at Quest Teaching. This is a place to leave your comments, share ideas for how you are using the resources in the classroom, ask authors questions, and connect with other classes.  Also, watch for updates, teacher time-saving tips, technology tips and new resources available to teachers. They will all be posted here!

Quest Classes:  This is the place that I send my class and I hope you will send yours!  Here, your students will find a  safe place with links to a variety of kid-friendly websites that can be used to differentiate your classroom learning environment. The sites are arranged by subject area on the side-bar.  If you are wanting students to access the site links on iPads, then download the photon app and browse the Quest Teaching site with the app.  All the flash websites will work.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or homeschool educator,  I hope this helps you better navigate the Quest Teaching site and helps you inspire others to keep on in their learning quests.

As always, I’m here for questions and comments.


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