Anticipation Guide for The Candle Star

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Title: Anticipation Guide for The Candle Star, by Michelle Isenhoff
*This entire lesson plan is available as a downloadable PDF.

The purpose of an anticipation guide is to prepare students for reading a text by exploring what they already know about the ideas they will soon encounter. By connecting to prior knowledge, they will be more able to make predictions, understand cause and effect relationships within the text, make and discuss generalizations, and develop their own responses to the ideas presented.

Time:   10-20 minutes to complete pre-reading activity
10-30 minutes to complete culminating activity


1.  Pass out the guide to students before reading The Candle Star. Allow them to complete it on their own. When they have finished, discuss the students’ responses. Do not make any judgments as to right or wrong answers, but encourage the students to support their decisions with real life examples.

2. Instruct the students to hold on to the guide and refer to what they have written as they read The Candle Star.

3.  As a culminating activity, return to the guide after reading the book. Discuss how the students’ answers might have changed. Encourage students to cite examples from the text that made them rethink their original answers. Have the students choose one statement from the guide and write a paragraph supporting their belief using prior knowledge and examples from the text.

Text of Anticipation Guide handout
(Handout is available as downloadable PDF.)

  1. It’s okay to force someone to change if you know you’re right.
  2. It’s okay for the government to force a person or group of people to change.
  3. Your upbringing gives you a solid basis on which to make decisions about right and wrong.
  4. It’s wrong to hide someone the government says is a fugitive.
  5. A person in authority can be trusted to make good choices if they have good intensions.
  6. The culture you live in defines the value of a person’s life.

Visit Michelle Isenhoff’s page here on Quest to locate free digital copies of The Candle Star and additional lesson plans.