Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer (The Adventures of Prince Iggy Book 1)

Written by Aldo Fynn

Illustrated by Richie Vicencio


Young Iggy attends the Naysayer Academy where all the boys and girls of the kingdom are forced to study. They never leave and must eat the same horrible porridge everyday. Miss Spitfire, their teacher, tortures the children both physically and mentally. To make matters worse, Iggy is teased and bullied by all the other children. In the land ruled by King Naysayer, disobedience is punished by torture. Dishonesty and selfishness are considered virtues not faults. Long ago Iggy had mysteriously floated to the shores of this kingdom; he does not know his parents or origin

One day the children decide to throw Iggy down a trash well. He screams for help. A man throws a rope down to rescue him, but then kidnaps the boy and throws him in the back of a wagon. Iggy can’t understand why; but the man named Captain Swell tells him that the ring Iggy wore on his finger proves that he is the prince from the Rose kingdom, who was kidnapped long ago. At first Iggy does not believe his good fortune. To gain back his power he must get back the ring that King Naysayer has stolen from him. Along the journey, Iggy meets a fortune teller, Professor Jones, and an eccentric named Henry O’Henry who will collaborate with him to restore his throne. Will Iggy triumph over adversity? Does he return to Naysayer and punish his tormentors?

This book is intended for tweens and young teens. The black and white line drawings with a graphic novel look break up the story and make the short chapters more visual and interesting. I must give warning that there is some rather coarse language and some pretty nasty examples of bullying behavior which make it inappropriate, in my opinion, for children younger than ten. Lots of adventure, mixed with twists and turns in plot, a bit of magic and fantasy, and the type of humor that appeals to this age group make the book a nice package for the middle grade reader. Parents and teachers might want to preview the book if children will be reading the book independently.

A review by Barbara Ann Mojica,

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The ULTIMATE READING QUEST STARTS HERE! Click on this button to join the Ultimate Reading Quest. Find authors who write the kind of books you like!

The Curse at Zala Manor (Monster Moon, 1), by BBH McChiller

zala-manorThis is a great idea for an elementary classroom Halloween read-aloud. Here’s the review I wrote up. At the end, I’ve included a handy list of comprehension questions provided by the authors that is similar to those used by the Accelerated Reading program.

My boys loved this book! We read it out loud together for homeschool last Halloween and they complained every time we had to stop. Our final day we just kept reading, covering the last 30% of the book all at once.

This is not literary fiction, so don’t expect it. But it is easy to read and very, very fun. It’s a plot-driven adventure that will keep 8- to 12-year-olds sprinting through the pages. Included within them are a freaky old manor with hidden passages and bricked-up rooms, an even freakier graveyard, riddles, an eccentric aunt who drives a pink hearse, a talking rat, and a 300-year-old pirate mystery. Oh yeah, and monsters. Lots of them. It’s a Halloween story, after all. And it’s a kid-pleaser.

It was also a mom-pleaser. While scary and silly aren’t my person favorites, I AM NOT A TWEEN. In this case, I was more concerned about the story diving into spiritual or gory content. It did neither. The zombie was a little gross, but it wasn’t disturbing. And witchcraft, happily, was simply not included in the story. Kudos to the authors on both accounts! It was also very readable–engaging, fluid, and well-paced.

In conclusion, this is a perfect Halloween story if you want suspense, monsters, and fun minus the negatives that come with the holiday. Based on this and my boys’ overwhelming enthusiasm, I rate it 5 stars. A wonderful read for tween boys and suitable for classrooms grades 2-7. I’d place it at about a 4th to 5th grade reading level.

Lexile score – 550L
Downloadable MARC file (library use) available here.

I bought my Kindle copy for 1.99, though paperbacks are also available. Book two, Secret of Haunted Bog, is just as fun. And paperbacks for the third installment just released at the end of September–Kindle versions coming soon.

Download the Zala Manor reading comprehension quiz PDF file.