Using TuvaLABS for Data Analysis and 21st Century Critcal Thinking

dataset1Looking for a new source of  DATA sets for your middle grade students to practice their data analysis skills?  Welcome TuvaLABS!  TuvaLabs provides a collection of datasets to explore  and analyse data related to a variety of  current  subject and topics that are  relevant to  21st Century issues.   The topics are nicely arranged under the headings of  Community,  Development, Culture, Politics, Sports, Energy, Environment and Sports.  dataset4PNG

The datasets are provided with useful csv and excel downloads and students can easily view the data in a variety of formats including: bar chart , pie chart, scatter plot, line chart, box plot chart, dot chart, and histogram. Other useful features allow teachers to create their own activities, create different classes, add their own datasets, provide questions, and evaluate student work and provide feedback on individual student datablogs.

dataset3This site is definitely one worth checking out as we move forward as educators, trying to help our students create the critical thinking skills that will be much needed as they navigate through the many issues of the 21st century.

Check out this link: and under our Teacher Tools on the right side-bar




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